About Wyse / Dell Technology

Wyse is the vendor the world’s largest businesses and institutions trust to implement scalable network-centric computing solutions. Wyse hardware, software, and services are the most scalable, flexible and manageable network-centric solutions on the market today. They ensure customer’s desktops are secure, reliable, and agile, preserving capital and increasing productivity. Wyse develops thin clients and management software – the hardware and software technologies that shift complexity from the edge to the centre of the network. Wyse Technology was founded in 1981. The company has headquarters in San Jose, California, with offices worldwide.

Understanding Thin Clients

Simpler devices in communities, workplaces, homes and hands, that exploit the power of the network, enabling to instantly communicate and access information easily and more affordably.

Market Leadership
Wyse Technology is the clear market leader in thin client technology. With 38 % of the world market in 2003 we are continually surpassing the industry growth rate (Enterprise Thin Client Q-View: Q4 2003,IDC, February 2004). We have been the leading vendor of thin clients for the last seven years in a row.

First, Best and Only
• Wyse invented the Windows terminal, the model that all successful thin clients are based on.
• Wyse holds a patent on the Windows terminal.
• Wyse is the only company with a thin client specific OS, Blazer, that powers more thin clients than any non-Microsoft OS.

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